Stress Map: great tool for all health professionals

by Simon Dolan
2 years ago

2022 will become to many of us the year of stress ( or post COVID ) trauma and resilience. Thus, during the 2 years of the pandemic the team worked hard to develop scientific information and tools to help all survivors.

I’m happy to announce that our Stress Map tool, has been rested and received rave reviews by users. It is a great tool for all health professionals ( therapists, coaches, consultants, and others). It is the only tool currently available in the market to help diagnose chronic stress, and it is based on my over 4o years of research beginning in the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and until these days.

The tool contains an elaborate guide explaining how to use it, but our forthcoming books ( in Spanish and in English) will be a natural companions.

Our team in ZINQUO and other experts that we have certified, can help you use the tool very effectively. If you are a health professional consider using this amazing tool. We wish all of you a de stress year and a happy return to activities

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