CoachingxValores (o Coaching by Values) ​​is the community that was developed by David Alonso to certify professionals and promote the concept, methodology  and tools that were created by Simon Dolan. It is based on many years of research. All in all, it enables the person to identify, rank and align his/her values , the values of his/her team, family, clients or even a community  in an easy, dynamic and fun way. The benchmark model community was developed in Spain by Mr. David Alonso and accompanied him is the current director Mrs. Laura Moncho. Along with other CxV  team members,  they have already certified thousands of  coaches using the latest training tools (in Situ, online, experts, and many other innovations).   Based on this tremendous success, we are launching and will be certifying professionals around the globe. Our flagship tool is the “Value of Values” card game (created, validated and tested by Simon Dolan and Avishai Landau), that is currently available in 18 languages,  including many European, Middle-East and Asiatic languages. The foundation of the concept is well explained in Prof. Dolan bestselling book: Coaching by Values, which is  available in English ((iUniverse 2011), French (MDS 2017), Hebrew (Equity-MDS, 2015), Portuguese (MDS 2015)  and Spanish (LID 2012 and a new edition to be released in 2019). The book can be easily found in all virtual libraries, at and of course is available via our own web site ( We have also developed and offer a free complementary APP (can be downloaded from Google store or Apple store) called: “Values4kids”. More information can be found on the web sites of our star alliance principal partner Coachingxvalores. Website
Leadership by values is based on concepts and tools that were developed by Simon Dolan over the past 30 years. Although many leadership concepts and some tools are available in the market , this one is based on the latest research and vision into the future. The principles of leadership by values, were explained in Prof Dolan and colleagues’ book: Managing by Values (in Spanish: La Dirección por Valores),  as well as more recent books published by Prof. Dolan such as: Leading, Managing and Coaching people in the XXI century. (available in Spanish).   The logistics and operations of  “Leadership by Values” is managed jointly by David and Noelia Alonso.   It includes assessment of three leadership  components: Values, Trust and competences.  The  APP enables leaders to identify their core values and detect discrepancies with their managers, colleagues or subordinate. It is a web-based diagnosis that runs individual analysis as well as aggregate analyses using a 360˚ input. In addition to values, we measure the level of trust in the leader and their competences  to lead today and tomorrow in a sustainable manner. We are starting a certification program that will teach HR directors, Consultants, Executive coaches and others,  to experiment with the digital tools and understand/modify the report that the system generates.  Currently the system works in English and Spanish, but more languages will be added in the future.  More information on the web site.
Groupe Canadien MDS is dedicated to training executives in West and North Africa and prepares them to be successful in the new world.  99% of all activities are conducted in French, and over 80% of all training activities are financed by the World Bank.  The activities are led and managed by Dr.  Adnane Belout,  the CEO-DG of Groupe Canadien MDS. (Email: MDS is a certified training agency by the government of Quebec, and we have trained thousands of African managers over the years in themes such as managing projects, managing finance, managing people, and other specific challenges in Africa. More information and the latest on the seminars and programs offered is available at the web site:
The Center for Leading, Managing and Coaching by Values  (hereafter Equity-MDS), is based in Israel. It offers training, certificates (some in conjunction with ICF),  on coaching by values but also on managing and leading by values. Equity-MDS has a range of services , mostly in Hebrew, that includes, consulting, coaching, and an offer for culture reengineering to firms located in Israel.  The center has co-produced books, card games, and other tools in Hebrew, but recently added Arabic, Russian and Amharic to the languages that the tools can be used. Equity-MDS has been a star alliance partner for the past 30 years or so,  and participates actively in the development and refinement of new tools. It is run by Mr. Avishai Landau, a former C-Level Executive who has decided to dedicate his professional career to promote the concept of values within the Israeli communities in both private and public sectors and in both the Hebrew and Arabic communities.  Some of the elite executive coaches and family consultants in Israel, such as Mrs. Anat Garti form part of his team.   For more information, see:
Another star alliance is Mr Avi Liran  who is our associate and representative in Asia (operating from Singapore). Delivering Delight is a way to live happier and fulfilling life while achieving superior results and making a difference. Established in 2006, it provides strategic coaching, consulting and mentoring services that evokes powerful experiences to help leaders create the future of their businesses through a suite of keynote talks and workshops based on years of scientific research and real-life encounters. Delivering Delight is offering multiple services in Asia and globally, but with us it promotes the module of values. It markets and sells the “Value of Values”  card game in Asia, and delivers speeches and demonstrations on how to use the tool in a way of generating  values driven cultural transformation. see:
A special star alliance partner is Encarna Medina.  Encarna has a double role with us. First, acting as a manager/agent for all contracted conferences/lectures and special workshops for Prof. Dolan. Encarna manages all contacts and correspondence with potential customers and also maintains quality control over content, fee and logistics connected with Prof. Dolan  contractual speaking obligations. In a second role, she acts as project manager for new APP ((to be released soon) called DOVA  (Digital Online Value Audit). As such,  she maintains contacts with potential Investors and with the APP developers as well as oversees the digital and overall marketing of the product.  This is a new star alliance partner that we hope will be very visible in 2019 and thereafter. For more information see:
My Educator started a few years ago as professors at traditional universities, like myself,  have placed lots of efforts to write textbooks for students, but  noticed that over the years prices steadily increase and distribution costs decreased and royalties to authors became almost a  joke. At the same time technology and students’ expectations has evolved a lot. Traditional textbooks were being enveloped by digital materials which offered much more convenience, flexibility, and dynamic content. More and more students were bringing laptops and tablets to school.  Thus, MyEducator has decided in 2012 to develop textbooks that not only can be used at the world’s best academic institutions, but also that can remain low cost. And, the offering a new creative multimedia digital solution begun: Prof. Dolan was the pioneer in offering his own textbooks free.   Since then, Prof. Dolan has co developed 4 textbooks with a team of MyEducator personnel. MyEducator platform is becoming more and more sophisticated, hence videos, adaptive problem sets, and other technologies has been embedded. Today I am an important ally and an ambassador of MyEducator, and have a special pride in it, knowing that some of the earlier stages of the project were born in my office in Barcelona, while Chad Albrecht was my doctoral student in ESADE.   Chad along with his brother and father of the Albrecht Family are the principal promoters/owners of myEducator. Today, most textbooks are available in English, but we are experimenting in bring it to the Spanish and French academoc market soon. For the full catalogue or for my own textbooks see:
e-Merit Academy was founded by Prof Dolan , by Prof. Mario Raich ( A futurologist, a former business professor and former C level executive in the banking sector) and by  Mr Magnus  Karlsson ( a well-known Swedish born  Suisse entrepreneur). Prof Raich is the President of e-Merit Academy and Mr. Karlsson is the chief operating officer. E-Merit academy provide individualized development for executive talents that enables the creation the new generation of leaders for the Cyber-Age. The collateral approach is a new way to instilling talent development practices across the entire organization. E-Merit Academy is a relatively new venture, and operations begun in 2018.  More about e-Merit academy at:
The Global Future of Work Foundation is a natural continuation of the Future of Work Chair that Prof. Dolan held for many years at ESADE Business School in Barcelona.   It is a Think Tank “nonprofit organization´´ created by a group of leading academics, C-Level Executives and Senior consultants. The foundation mission is help Business, Academia and Governments around the globe to prepare the workforce of the future for a sustainable world by detecting and predicting trends and paradigms for successful transformation as well as train the workforce for better preparedness to the new landscape of work.  Prof. Simon Dolan is currently the President of the Board of Trustees of the foundation, and Mr. Jaume Gurt is the current CEO-DG.  For more information see:
Valkiria  is the latest kid on the block and the newest strategic partner. Actually,  my offices as well as the offices of the GFWF (the foundation) and daily operations are managed from Valkiria.   Valkiria believes that talent, innovation and creativity are needed in order to foster a collaborative environment in which personal and professional development are paramount.

Through its services – including co-working, mentoring and event organization – it aims is to build a community which is pillared by the ideas and energy of those businesses, organizations, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have passion to provide value, generate new ideas and innovate.   So, I collaborate in research and innovation with this great place who  has been founded by Mrs. Yolanda Triviño and is supported by a great team of young and talented team.  More about Valkiria see: