Professor Dolan involves in many new projects.  Some of the projects are of pure scientific nature and others are of practitioner-oriented solutions offered jointly with his star alliance partners.  Mind you, some of the projects are part of the R&D vision that aims to bring to the market new methodologies and tools connected with values and with the future of work.


is a new APP that will enable companies to do a quantitative Ethical Audit. It is dynamic, online, and perhaps offer for the first time a real tool to be used by corporations in measuring the real ethical conduct of members of the organization.  DOVA  is being developed after a history recurrent ethical scandals  that became very mediatic such as the case of Volkswagen,  United Airline or Wells Fargo.  The rational for developing DOVA is based on a paper co written by Prof. Dolan. 

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is an effort to provide a description for the new digital occupations that are emerging. With the new landscape of work, and more specifically with the rapid advances in IT and Technology, new job titles are  emerging. Corporations are struggling to attract IT talent to join them, but the description is ambiguous or not covered by the traditional DOT (Dictionary of Occupational Titles).   DDOT . stand for Dictionary of Digital Occupational Titles. The project is managed jointly with Valkiria team to be delivered to @22 (in Barcelona), and several Barcelona mobility organizations.  

SMK (Stress Management Kit)

Is a new card game where users can discover their density of stress, speculate about the primary causes of it (work and nonwork factors), and eventually, along with the remainder of the team players, can jointly develop the initial strategy for stress management and health enhancement.  It is based on concepts developed by Prof. Dolan many years ago, and was published in his bestselling book: Stress, self-esteem, Health and Work (Palgrave-McMillan, 2016). The books are also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese and were o-written with Medical doctors such as Dr.  André Arsenault (French) and Dr. Salvador Garcia (Spanish).  While the concept was clear, tools were missing. After the tremendous success with the tools of values, the team have decided to develop SMK as well. We anticipate the prototype to be available in 2019.

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Are you and your company prepared for the new future of work in Tomorrowland?

These are numerous projects that are taking place during 2019 in conjunction with Prof. Dolan role as president of the Global Future of Work Foundation. It involves refining the scope of the new trends at work and develop tools to assess the preparedness that can lead to teaching people and corporation how to adopt strategies for better preparedness. The project is based on a paper that was published by Prof. Dolan and colleagues in 2015, in the European Business Review.

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