My 40 years journey into the world of values

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4 years ago

Dr. Simon L. Dolan
President, Gestion M.D.S.

It seems like yesterday.  However, when I trace my journey into the world of values, I am noticing that the evolution (and co-evolution) was rather impressive.   The voyage blends my career as a scholar and university researcher as of the late 1970s which brought me throughout the years to become a highly solicited speaker, with my recent entrepreneurship adventure, whereas I attempt to add my “two cents” in creating a better world.  Sounds ambitious? Arrogant? Or perhaps utopic? You decide, after reviewing the benchmarks presented hereafter. 

Like many of you, COVID-19 made me rethink about the meaning of life, the meaning of professional life, and the meaning of family life; one truly reflects on the legend that one wishes to leave once we are not here anymore.  Suddenly, COVID-19 made many of us realize that we are not eternal and there is no place to escape; we can depart from this world at any moment. Thus, as the year 2020 comes to an end, I thought it will be interesting for many who care about our world, and our values, to identify important benchmarks connected with our professional life. 

The benchmark traces in my 40 years in the field, adding to the three components that I believe an authentic change agent really needs to have:  A concept, A methodology and practical toolbox.   Being trained in science, I am absolutely convinced, that if you discuss only a concept, but lacks clear methodology for how to implement it, or lacks tools pertaining to how to measure it, the effort to change will be futile; it will not be effective.  Since the late 1970s, I wrote (co-wrote) over 75 books (in multiple languages), describing these three components, but I also published hundreds of scientific articles to demonstrate the rigor of the message. I will not mention the latter in this document.

A Voyage into the world of Values:

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