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Well fargo

The theory and practice of Values, the exemple of Wells Fargo

The article that follows -posted to the ESADE Today blog- reflects on the theory and practice of values and the consequences of malpractice. An illustrative example of these practices can be found in Wells Fargo, embroiled in a scandal over assertions that bank employees opened accounts without customers’ authorization.

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Master Class by Prof. Simon Dolan in Italy

Simon Dolan will offer a master class on Leadership and Innovation by Values in Trieste, Italy,  on 27 May 2017.

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Simon Dolan in Expocoaching

Watch here the forthcoming presentation of Simon Dolan in Expocoaching (3-4 February, Madrid).

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A jobs revolution is underway. How do we prepare?

Prof. Simon Dolan will participate in the TV3 program ‘El dia de demà’, a docuseries that will show how the World will look like in the next 50 years.

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Leadership and Coaching by Values

Next Monday, January 30, Simon Dolan will give a talk on Leadership and Coaching by Values.

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Trust in action!

Simon Dolan will give a confidence-building workshop on 27 January, between 9h and 19h, in Barcelona.

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Leadership, Values and Success in the New Landscape of Work

Prof. Simon Dolan attended recently Aalto Executive Summit, a conference of Leadership Transformation and Future of Work. He focussed on transformation that are expected to happen in “Tomorrowland” and discussed some methodologies and tools designed to prepare participants to succeed in this new world. He also offered a synthesis with a view towards the future,

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Simon Dolan in Japan: the imperatives of Creation and Innovation

Prof. Simon Dolan has recently visited Kindai University in Osaka, Japan, to give a presentation about the imperatives of Creation and Innovation.

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WWi Summit 2016: Best Practices in Organizations

Simon Dolan will participate in the World Work Innovation, an independent global research organization that is willing to impact in society offering new ways of Work and Life, that will take place on 24 and 25 November.

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Clementines at the hostel!

The Communication agency Clementina organizes in the multidisciplinary and eclectic space Hostal Clementina a talk by Simon Dolan about “Challenges in leading, coaching and managing people through the values”.

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