Welcome to Global Future of Work Foundation

A dream is the most powerful way to shape the future. lt can literally move mountains and propel people into the outer space.”

The Global Future of Work Foundation (GFWF)  is about to become a reality.   This new “non-profit organization”  was created by a group of leading global academics and senior global  consultants  – led by Simon Dolan-.  Initial co-founders include Dr Christian Flamma-Acosta and Dr. Franz Deitering (former Vice Presidents at SAP), but other  C-Level Executives, world political figures, will be joining the board of trustees soon.

All of us who are connected with this Global Foundation  are  committed to develop concepts, methodologies and tools to educate and better prepare private and public institutions, as well as high potential talents, to the realities of the future. The idea was born following a series of discussions held, for which one common observation emerged: We are facing a lethal combination of three simultaneous forces  (Digitalization, Globalization and Creation ) that are transforming the landscape of tomorrow;  work in the future will never be the same.

We are convinced that  the great majority of the universities are still preparing their students for the world of yesterday ( or the world of today – at best), but very few programs prepare the students for  work in Tomorrowland. Likewise, corporations are struggling to keep up with the changes and survive the wave of transformation.  And, finally, governments and their policy are still using a patchwork strategy to deal with issue of unemployment and economic growth.

We need to create concepts, paradigms, products and services that will provide information in a systemic manner on the forthcoming landscape so that all stakeholders can better prepare for it and manage it in a sustainable fashion.   GFWF is a “non-profit think tank type organization” that assembles a global group of experts in various related fields, disciplines and professions (i.e. academia, business and politics); they forge synergy to debate, predict and develop innovative projects connected with the future of work.

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