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gestion mdsPresident and CEO, Gestion M.D.S. Management Inc. (GROUPE GESTION MDS INC.)

Consultant to numerous local, national and  international firms and unions in various areas of  human  resource management, occupational stress  as well as broader behavioral sciences issues. Consulting began in 1979. The company engages  a number of senior consultants (i.e. professionals  holding Ph.D’s , M.D.s and MBS´ s degrees).
The main office for M.D.S. is in Montreal, Canada: Office satellite exist in W. Africa, Europe (Barcelona) and in the middle East (Israel).

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1. Groupe Canadien MDS is dedicated to training executives in West and North Africa. 99% of all activities are conducted in French, and over 80% of all training activities are financed by the World bank. The activities are lead and managed by Dr Adnane Belout the president of this division (Email:

2. MDS-Equity is a Center for Managing and Coaching by values. All its consulting acivities are held in Israel and managed by Mr Avishai Landau . (Email:

3. MDS-Octrium Software products are lead by Edwin Krikke. They are currently based in Holland. A description of some of its products is provided hereafter (Email:

4. MDS games products are lead by Avishai Landau through distributors in Israel, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica and Canada. The division is expanding and description is provided bellow. For more information: In Spain – Mr David Alonso at: or web site at:; also in Spain: Ms Rosa Boronat at:; In Costa Rica contact Anyelo Rodriguez at: or web site at:

5. The consulting activities of MDS is lead by Dr. Simon Dolan through a network of global allied consultants throughout the world. A sample of projects /clients is provided hereafter.