Consulting & Development

gestion mdsGestion M.D.S. is an umbrella organization for a number of small but global Consulting companies. We like to refer to ourselves as “Star  Alliance”.   I am the president and the principal entrepreneur of the group. We provide services in the following areas:

(1)Executives training in West and North Africa.  99% of all activities are conducted in French, and  over 80% of all training activities are financed  by the World bank.  The activities are lead and managed by Dr  Adnane Belout the president of the Groupe Canadien MDS  Division (Email:   (2)  MDS-Equity is a Center  for Managing and Coaching by values and its consulting activities  are held in Israel and managed by M.  Avishai Landau . (Email:  (3) MDS-Octrium Software products  is lead by Edwin  Krikke, and is devoted to develop innovative software to manage people. It is based in Holland.  (Email:   (4) MDS educational games and coaching  products are lead by Avishai Landau through distributors in Israel, Spain,  Portugal, Brazil, Costa Rica, U.S. and Canada.  For more information:  In Spain – Mr David Alonso at:   or web site at:; also in Spain: Ms Rosa Boronat at:;  In Costa Rica contact Anyelo Rodriguez at:  or web site at:  (5). The consulting activities of MDS is lead by  Dr. Simon L. Dolan  through a network of global allied consultants throughout  the world.  Recently, the flagship services are the international certification of Coaches by Values, and  the implementation of  stress management programs.