Clementines at the hostel!

The Communication agency Clementina organizes in the multidisciplinary and eclectic space Hostal Clementina a talk by Simon Dolan about “Challenges in leading, coaching and managing people through the values”.

Leadership will be examined in this talk from the angle of coaching as the latter  needs more than ever to use coaching skills. The presentation will include scenarios on the future of work (and organizations) and will explore new paradigms in managing people. Then we will discuss why current leadership skills are, by and large, becoming obsolete, and why new skills are badly needed.

The message to be delivered is three fold:

a) The world of tomorrow  will be very different from the world of today and most of our leaders are barely prepared for it.
b) Leadership effectiveness will be judged by people’s ability to affect and manage change and to ally with organizational members to implement change.
c) Coaching, and more specifically coaching by values with its theory, methodology and instruments, can be used effectively.

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